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July 27, 2009


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At least you're getting it done. I lived with rooms for TWO YEARS that had painting scraps on the walls. I painted that house SO MANY TIMES with dread, that I could have done it and gotten it over with. Now I'm living in Florida for a year, and I think it was my subconscious getting me OUT of the house!!!

Yep. I'm still painting the rooms in my head, only I'm 800 miles away.


I am LOL because my DH just redid our entire down stairs floor and I/"he" can relate! Love the comment about it entering your dreams! Hang in there as the finished product is worth all the work!

Rose Ann

Best of luck with it all, Laurie! I'm thinking of ya!

mary jo

We just started the outside with caulk and primer...I thought the inside (my room) would be first but the call of the outside. Good luck. Mary Jo

Jackie Pedro

You stamp AND fix drywall? Wow!! LOL! You have been missed!!

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